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Hello! I’m Page, mother of two in Cincinnati. With a background in education and research, I aim to share my thoughts here about how our schools, families, and communities are coping with the significant challenges of our times. Pandemic, anyone?

Here I am with my two munchkins, who sustain my passion for education, community-building, and family strength. This school year, my daughter is in 6th grade, and my son is in 3rd.

My background

I’ve always loved school and learning, from playing teacher as a child to digging into statistics courses in graduate school. As an undergrad at Stanford, I designed an area of concentration in child development and education. Then I acquired some real-classroom experience by teaching high school science at a Catholic school in the Bay Area for two years. Seeking to understand educational policy more broadly, I entered a doctorate program at Northwestern University called Human Development and Social Policy. Although I loved the coursework and (some of) the research in my grad program, I itched to be back in the real world. So, after obtaining my master’s degree, I left grad school to work as a guidance counselor at a Catholic high school outside of Chicago. This work launched me into the field of college admissions counseling, in which I continue to work today.

Along the way, I married my husband, Paul, and we had our two lovely children. I’ve primarily been a stay-at-home mom for the past twelve-ish years, and I homeschooled our kids until 2019, when they started attending public school. I became a substitute teacher at their school this past year, while continuing the college admissions counseling work and doing some writing. I chronicled our year transitioning from homeschool to public school, which was then upended by the Coronavirus in the spring; this diary became my first book, Adventures in Education. Over the past year I also co-authored a book about postpartum distress, called Postpartum Paths: Moving Forward with the Lord. Meanwhile, I’ve volunteered as both a Sunday School teacher at our church and a soccer coach for my son’s teams.

We’ve also moved a lot. My husband is a physician, and his training took us to a total of six states over twelve years! In each new city, we’ve worked hard to establish community via church, work, neighborhood, and homeschool groups. It has not been easy; there’s been a lot of loneliness and unsettledness. We are far from our extended families. Yet in some locations community has come more naturally than in others. Now we find ourselves in Cincinnati, hopefully for the long haul. We love the folks we’ve gotten to know here.

Intentional community-building. Adjusting to new locations and routines. Parenting. Marriage. Teaching. Volunteering. Learning. Writing. Applying the Gospel to the scruffiness of life. All of these experiences contribute to my unique perspective on the world. Join me as I look through this lens at what’s going on in the world around us.

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